Chapter association websiteS

Meeting Professionals International is an association of meeting and event professionals consisting of 67 chapters worldwide. This objective of this UX project was to create a space inside of MPI Global's website that would house all of the existing chapter websites to ensure consistent branding.

I started the project by researching the platforms, design and user experiences from the existing sites and then made a list of the commonalities which became the main navigation. I worked with chapter members along with our cross-functional team to gain feedback on what was important to them and how they used their current websites. After researching, I drafted a workflow using Balsamiq and mock-up design experiences in Sketch and Axure.  

One of the challenges of this project was how to find a workable solution for having double navigation; MPI Global's navigation and each chapter's navigation. I separated the space between the navigation with a large hero image for desktop views and for mobile view I showed the chapter navigation first.

One of the greatest user experience advantages of the design I created was a universal calendar that would house not only the local chapter's involvement in their community, but also MPI's global events, live webinars and education further bringing the global association closer to each chapter and vice-versa.